Move Beyond!

Bali Bliss Body Exploration with Romana and Martin

Just beyond yourself.

It’s where you need to be.

Half a step into self-forgetting and the rest restored by what you’ll meet. 


There is a road always beckoning.

When you see the two sides of it closing together at that far horizon

and deep in the foundations of your own heart at exactly the same

time, that’s how you know it's where you have to go.


That’s how you know it’s the road you 

have to follow. 

That’s how you know.

It’s just beyond yourself, it’s where you need to be. (David Whyte) 

Move Beyond: 28th of December 2024 - 4th of January  2025

During this week, we will use 5Rhythms and Soul Motion to explore our individual movement qualities and possibilities - our physical presence.

In the daily movement meditations we accept everything that may arise, move with it, through it and beyond it. We practise free movement with and without music in order to arrive completely at ourselves, to harmonise body, soul and spirit and thus to grow together internally.  Come to harmony!

We will experience and explore the 5Rhythms, connect fully with the body and the earth in Flowing, find clarity, passion and protection in Staccato, let go in Chaos and learn to savour ecstasy, discover the playful lightness and our very own individual language of movement in Lyrical to finally arrive at the innermost core in Silence and rest in the vastness.


With the medicine of Soul Motion we will expand our ability to relate and be present in the here and now, experience intimacy and differentiated perception within ourselves, immerse ourselves in non-verbal communication with others, be inspired in relationship and encounter with the group and connect with the greater field.


5Rhythms and Soul Motion complement each other, creating a space for play, orientation and a guide to inner and outer growth.

This week is the essence of what we call Soulrhythms - our beloved moving practice that makes us vibrate and includes everything we are in an infinitely large space!

Come to the magical dream island and dance with us! Move Beyond!


We start on 28 December with an evening session and end on 4 January with a morning session.

On the 6 days in between there will be two dance sessions of 2 hours each day and, depending on your mood, morning sessions with Yin Yoga, movement meditations, gentle bodywork and Mentastics according to Milton Trager.

You must book your own flights.


Contribution Workshop: 

 € 590, early bird until Oct. 31st  € 520


Venue and accommodation:

NIRARTA, Centre for Living Awareness

Sidemen, Bali, Indonesia


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