Soulrhythms - Explore Movement in the Rhythm of your Soul!

Martin Steixner und Romana Tripolt

Welcome to Soulrhythms  

We offer 5Rhythms® Workshops and events with Romana Tripolt and international 5Rhythms teachers and Soul Motion® classes and workshops with Martin Steixner and International Soul Motion teachers.


Besides our regular classes in Austria, our dancing path is leading us to Germany, Auroville / India, La Gomera / Spain, Ghana, Greece, Italy…

Our mission is to create and provide moving spaces and containers to enhance personal growth and development. 

We are grateful that our passion is our profession!


Romana is a trained and certified 5Rhythms® Teacher (founded by Gabrielle Roth), Psychologist, 

Psychotherapist / PD with the special field Traumatherapy. Her special focus is to combine the key tools of Psychotraumatherapy with the healing effect of Concious Dance. Check out the possibility of "Dancing out of Trauma - into the Lightness of being“ !  

Romana is developer of IBT - Integrative Bewegte Traumatherapie. In addition to her activity as a 5Rhythms teacher and Psychotherapist, she is offering post graduate education for Psychotherapists in IBT and EMDR. Her book "Bewegung als Ressource in der Traumatherapie“ ( Using movement as resource in traumatherapy) was published in 2016, Klett-Cotta. 


Martin is certified SoulMotion® teacher. He has completed the Soul Motion training with Vinn Arjuna Marti, Zuza Engler and Michael Skelton in the USA. He is naturopath, Master of Public Health, Trager® Practitioner and IMAGO® Facilitator.