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Soul Motion: Next Steps

with Vincent Martínez-Grieco / Founder of Soul Motion

Origins seminar towards a mindfulness, somatic, dancing practice

What we will do:

We will cultivate mindfulness practices that use breath, imagination, concentration, and a relaxed ground to gain access to a moving intrinsic intelligence.

We will dance in ways that honor both the inside volume of a body and the outside dynamics of a room, including its sounds, spaces, forms, and elements.


What you will learn:

Improvisational dancing techniques to widen your dancing vocabulary and learn again the value of deep listening in creating with others. 

Views about the anatomical body moving in space maps of a dance room.


What you will go home with:

Practices to enable your continuing education of mind and body partnering to enhance your well being.

Ways to reduce mental stressors and physical strains that often accompany you throughout the day.


Lead by Vincent Martínez-Grieco former known as Vinn Martí


Fri. Sept. 22 - Sun. Sept. 24, 2023

Fr.: 16:00 - 19:00

Sa.: 11:00 - 18:00

So.: 11:00 - 16:30


Hagenmüllergasse 30, 1030 Wien 



I am doing financially very well € 280

I am financially ok € 230

I need look for a balance in my expenses at the moment € 190




Seminar is held in simple English / Translation available


Vincent Martínez-Grieco (formerly known as Vinn Martí), dancer, teacher, designer of Soul Motion® a Conscious Dance Practice, and now designer of Soul Motion Next Steps.

He discovered a love for movement at a young age, and, in the process of following his path, created a transformative conscious movement practice that has touched the lives of many around the globe.


"I am dancing every moment of the day. I am shaping and being shaped by fields that move through and as this body in every moment. This form, which is constantly changing, points to a view of impermanence as the bass line of dancing."


"I've dedicated my life to dancing and wish to dance with you all ways, alone together."

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