Moving Rhythms

 2 workshops  for musicians, for dancers and everybody who is interested in music and rhythms.

With Rashmi Bhatt, Hamid Mereghan, Christian Amín Várkonyi and Martin Steixner

Rashmi will teach in English, Hamid and Christian Amín and Martin in German or/and English. Translation available. Unterricht primär in Englisch. Übersetzung möglich!


Based on the worlds most elaborate and advanced rhythm system, the Classical Indian system of Tabla Rhythms, we will be introduced and will play and move with rhythms  from all over the world. We will explore how sounds and rhythms work and how our emotions, physical and energetic body reacts to music.



We will play with, instruments, dance, movement, voice, hands and our whole body. Each weekend is an open workshop, you can join for a single weekend or both weekends together.


Lead by Rashmi V. Bhatt an international known percussionist.

Rashmi is fascinated by the possibility of experimentation and fusion between different ethnic groups and their musical languages and has collaborated with famous musicians  from all over the world. Rashmi lives between Rome, Italy and Pondicherry, South India.

Hamid Mereghan and Christian Amín Várkonyi will join the team and will add there specific background.

Hamid Mehregan, born in Iran, living in Austria as musician, composer an Setar teacher.Hamid is playing Setar, Tonbak & Daf and will bring in the flavor of Persian music. 

Hamid will join us in the Weekend in March.

Christian Amín Várkonyi is a famouse Austrian Hang Player and World Musician. Beside percussion instruments he plays a big variety of flutes and other instruments. 

He will join us in June.

Martin Steixner is Soul Motion® and Movement teacher, he will guide through the movement parts.


Dates and Contribution:  

Sat, March 9, 10:00h - Sun, March 10, 2019, 16:00h

€ 185, earl birds till Feb. 9: € 170 


Sat, June 8, 11:00h  - Mon, June 10, 2019, 15:00h (Pentecost weekend / Pfingsten)

€ 210, earl birds till Mai 8: € 190


Venue: Shambhala, Bennogasse 8a, 1080 Wien


Rashmi will teach in English, Hamid and Christian Amín in German. Translation available.