Men´s Journey: Authenticity, Honesty, Openness

with Martin Steixner and Thierry Francois

Each man is my mentor

Each man is my teacher

Each man is my brother

Each man is a mirror

The Men's Journey is a journey towards self-exploration, where we create a safe space to grow, share and learn with and from each other.


The work is based on the 5Rhythms®, Soul Motion®, Gestalt Therapeutic and Systemic elements, on bodywork after Wilhelm Reich and Milton Trager.

Further element from Vision Quest, the druidic-celtic knowledge, shamanism, men work and other sources.


Lead by Martin, Trager Facilitator, Imago Coach and  accredited Soul Motion Teacher

Thierry, Actor, Psychotherapist and  accredited 5Rhythms Teacher from Croatia/France


Both of us are leading workshops and groups, including men groups for many years.

Martin and Thierry started the Men´s Journey in 2017. 


Both of us have been leading workshops and groups for many years, including many male groups.

We started our heart project, the Men's Journey, in 2017 and have since accompanied several men over a longer period of time.


We are pleased to welcome you in a safe and sacred space of men!

Men who are willing to perceive, show, reflect and unfold their inner being, their strength and tenderness, their light and their weaknesses, their role and responsibility as men.


We will explore the landscapes of our body as we expand our abilities to move wildly and freely, elegantly, and consciously through life. We will open our voices to our souls and their longings and align our minds with new impulses and points of view.

Every weekend the Men's Journey has another main theme.


We create a space that is safe enough to dive deeply and jump into mystery - to be a conscious, sensitive, strong and free man in the mystery.


The men of the group are supported to combine between and after the weekends for mutual coaching in various life topics, for the formation of sustainable friendships and a network with the goal of the individual and the common and development. With this, the Men's Journey continues in a sustainable way and thus becomes an adventure journey towards the individual unfolding of your manhood.


Open to all interested men!


October 22 - 24, 2021


Single weekend: € 210/170 Social Price, if you book more than one weekend in a row, the is 195/155 


Registration October 21

Men´s Journey  in Gomera

25 - 30.10.2021 Men's Journey in Gomera, Canary Islands


The oleander rainforest in the center of the island, deep gorges and rugged cliffs on the edge, valleys populated by palm groves, wild little beaches - all this characterizes the diverse landscape of Gomera.

Inspired and involved in the power and presence of the elements, we will swim in the Atlantic Ocean on lonely, wild beaches and dance on ancient places of power. The wild and ubiquitous nature supports us to get in touch with the archaic forces and qualities within us and to get closer to our immediate self.


This Men's Journey week is, more than a weekend can be, an open process, a journey into the unknown and an odyssey in the original sense of myth - a journey with different stations and the ultimate goal to arrive matured, experienced and renewed back home.


To remain flexible, the group size in Gomera is limited to a maximum of 12 participants! 


This week takes place almost simultaneously with Embodied Transformation for Women - also in Gomera - led by Romana Tripolt. 


Venue and accommodation Autumn 2021

Venue and accommodation October 2021


Hof der Sinne
4973 Senftenbach


Senftenbach is located 70km north of Salzburg.  


The venue is a simple but exclusively beautiful place, offering delicious meals and a huge art-garden.


Men's Journey October 25 - 30, 2021


Tazo Healing Center

Tazo is a small village in the northwest of La Gomera.


Starting from Tazo, we will explore the area, swim in the Atlantic Ocean on the lonely wild beaches and dance on ancient power places.


We will sleep one night on the beach of Tazo and one night in a guesthouse in the valley of Vallehermoso.


Travel Information
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About Martin:

Born 1961 in the Tyrolian Mountains, I discovered free dance at he age of 20, studying Philosophy in Vienna. 

I began leading groups already at he age of 25, teaching Druidic and ancient European knowledge including conscious movement, meditation and healing arts.. 

In the 90´s I was guiding journeys and group travels in Austria, South America and Morocco and offered several  men workshops and yearlong groups. 


2005 I came in contact with 5Rhythms. Dancing intensively for some years with various national and International teachers, my path lead me to Soul Motion in 2008. I finished my Soul Motion Training, with Vinn Arjuna Martí in the USA in 2014.


Besides being Soul Motion Teacher, I am natural health professional, Master of Public Health, Imago Facilitator and Trager Practitioner, father of 4 children and grandfather. I am leading „Akademie für Traumatherapie“, where we offer Trainings for Psychotherapists.

I am offering Soul Motion Classes in Austria and Workshops, connecting conscious movement and body work in Austria, Germany, Italy and India.

About Thierry:

Around the age of  20, I met the theatre. It was like a revelation and I felt a strong desire to play and to be on stage. To play, to say, to be touched, to express, to share, to transmit. I completed my training with several other practices such as dance, mime, clown. Then on my path, I met the Gestalt therapy, a humanist method which gives flesh to the words. In Paris, and  in Zagreb, I keep on seeing people, in individual therapy and in groups, as a Gestalt therapist.  


At the beginning of the 2000’s, I met 5Rhythms dance. I remember that I was a little reluctant to go to a class and that I was totally won over when I came out as it perfectly satisfied my need to integrate the body in my practice. I started to go dancing occasionally, then more regularly, then in a more addicted way by going elsewhere exploring dance, in other countries, other cultures, other teachings. In 2009, I started the training for 5Rhythms teachers in den USA. 

I am very happy to be part of the man-work of

Above all that, I like to say that I put all these resources in my practice with enthusiasm and that I like to communicate my passion with humor, lightness and creativity.

Other Men´s Journey Venues:



Oberhof Retreat Center

Ertltal 5

3293 Lunz am See


Lunz is located 50km southwest of St. Pölten



Taman Ga am Labitschberg
8462 Gamlitz


Gamlitz is located 50km south from Graz