Dealing with Trauma on the Dance Floor

Concentration Module for 5Rhythms Teachers Association 

„Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of courage!“ (R. Brown) 


We all know the student …

…pale and frozen in a corner of the room.

…screaming his or her lungs out in chaos.

…collapsing on the dance floor, sobbing and crying inconsolably.

…looking spaced out and bored all the time.

…repeating the same rigid patterns within a small range of movement for years.

…leaving earlier and coming late.

…criticizing, the music, others, the venue, the teaching style…

…creating one drama after the other within the dance tribe.

…showing sexual explicit behavior on the dance floor and has poor boundaries.


And we all have our "personal" student that triggers or confronts us with our own weakest and most vulnerable spots. It`s part of the job and „business as usual“ for 5Rhythms teachers to deal with strong reactions as it is part of the awakening and transforming force of the 5Rhythms. Some of the strong reactions may be just based on personality styles, neurotic or just bad behavior, but some are based on old wounds and unresolved traumatic experiences. 



In this Module we will concentrate on how trauma and the aftermath may be responsible for the reactions of our students - and our response - and how we can find a competent, conscious and still intuitive and individual way to support the process. We will explore embodied interventions to install the necessary safeness on the dance floor that enhances growth and learning. In the sense that we encourage the stretch out of the comfort zone within the healthy regulation of the nervous system,


Mind: Basic knowledge about trauma and the aftermath, post traumatic reactions and post traumatic stress, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), complex PTSD, dissociation, over flooding and comorbidity. A short introduction into Trauma and Neurobiology, the window of tolerance of the autonomic nervous system, limbic resonance and bonding trauma, trauma memory - trauma compensation and resource network, difference between functional and dysfunctional stored traumatic memories.


Body: The medicine of the 5Rhythms and IBT - Integrative Movement Traumatherapy tools for stabilization and affect regulation. 


Methods: Lecture with key note presentation, handout, reflexion, exploration and discussion within the group and in small pods, body awareness with and without music - Dance!


Prerequisites: 5Rhythms Teacher, 5RTA Member




Seminarhotel Flackl

2651 Reichenau an der Rax


Reichenau is located 80km south of Vienna easy to reach by railway. 

Please book your room asap, especially if you are looking for a cheap one!

September 3 - Sept. 6, 2020

Begin: Sept. 3 at 6 pm

End: Sept. 6 at 5pm


Tuition per student: 385 € 

Earlybird till Dec. 31, 2019: 350 € 

Scholarship price: 320 € 




About Romana:

Romana Tripolt is certified 5Rhythms Teacher since 2012, Psychologist, Psychotherapist primarily specialized in Trauma Therapy.

Romana is EMDR Europe Trainer, Brainspotting consultant and developer of IBT - Integrative Body Movement Trauma Therapy. 

Her special field is combining the active factors of process orientated trauma psychotherapy with the healing and transforming effects of the 5Rhythms. Besides her occupations as 5Rhythms Teacher and Psychotherapist she is running an institut the „Academy for Trauma Therapy“ in Vienna.

Romana and her team are training clinicians in Psychotrauma Therapy, Pedagogy and movementorientated affect regulation.


Her book "Bewegung als Ressource in der Traumatherapie", was published 2016 by Klett-Cotta.

The translation will be available within the next months.