Dance is our Guru

Welcome to the wisdom of dance with Romana and Martin

I am conscious of myself as reflecting in posture, movement and design the one creative mind.

I am not a creator - I am a reflector.

I am not an originator - I am an interpreter.

I am not a material body - I am a spiritual consciousness

Ruth St. Denise

In this week we use and explore the principles and the landscapes of 5Rhythms and Soul Motion to open our body, to connect and grow on a spiritual level.

We will experience the energetic forms and the spiritual dimensions of the 5 Rhythms:

Connect with the earth in Flowing, find clarity in Staccato, let go in Chaos,

discover lightness in Lyrical and arrive in our core center in Stillness.

We will expand our relational presence in the landscapes of Soul Motion: being with yourself - Dance Intimate, being with another person - Dance Communion, being inspired and in relation with everybody in the space - Dance Community, being connected with with the bigger field - Dance Infinite.


The 5Rhythms- and Soul Motion approach fit together perfectly  

This week is the essence of what we call Soulrhythms -  our beloved practice!

Come and join us!


We will start on Dec. 27th with an evening unit and end on Jan 2nd with a morning unit. 

On the 5 days between, we will have two daily dance units with 2 hours each and we will offer an extra early morning unit for those who like. 


Tiruvannamalai is 170 km from Chennai and 200 km from Bangalore and is located at the foot of the sacred Mount Arunachala, one of the most important pilgrimage sites in South India. The time between the dance sessions is open for meditation at the Sri Ramana Maharshi Ashram, for visiting the large temple or you can use it for interesting day trips, larger and smaller ashrams, sites and temples in the town and the surrounding area. Numerous restaurants and cafes catering to Western needs invite you to eat or relax together.

The climate is very pleasant at this time of the year. 


Booking of the flights has to be done by yourself.

We send you a taxi to pick you up from Chennai Airport if you like.


Wednesday, Dec. 27th 2023 until Tuesday, Jan. 2nd 2024

Begin, 27th at 7pm, end: 2nd at 10am


Sunshine Guest House





**Variation A: € 690** 

Contribution including double room accommodation and airport transfer, support in connecting with other participants for travel issues, support in finding good paces to stay before and after workshop if you like to stay longer, consulting for day-tips, sightseeings and traveling in South India


**Variation B: € 450** 

Participation in all morning and evening units without accommodation and all other services


**Variation C:** 

Reduced contribution if you are coming from India or another Low Income Country or if you need a it due to your income or budget: 

For participation in all morning and evening units including accommodation in double room and all other services € 400 


For participation in all morning and evening units without accommodation and all other services : € 250


More Information and Registration