Women as Leaders: Purpose, Passion, Play

Let´s empower each other to rise, to lead, to guide, to offer our wisdom and expertise in our professional, political and private lives!

with Zuza Engler and Romana Tripolt


How do you—a thoughtful, passionate and sincere woman—step into your true strength and claim your power as the leader that you are? What if true leadership demands your authenticity, not your conformity?


How do you identify the unique gift only you can bring to the world? How do you find your own way to lead—as an entrepreneuse, teacher, healer, community maker or home maker?


If you have been leading—in business, healing arts, in your neighborhood, or at home—how do you develop, celebrate, and refine your art?


How do you deal with failure, with sexism and negativ projections, maintain both courage and humility, keep your faith alive? How do you rest? 


In this circle of women we co-create a safe space to feel deeply into these dilemmas, to dance furiously, draw, speak, sit in silence, and relax into the beauty inside and out. We develop and expand embodied leadership skills through conscious dance practices of 5Rhythms, Soul Motion and Open Floor.

We deepen through group explorations and individual process work within the group informed by Gestalt Awareness Practice, psychodrama and trauma work.


We practice deep listening, alignment with the creative process, and radical embodiment that includes nature as an inspiration for healthy living. We help each other ask good questions that bring our attention and intention to what matters to us most, and find our very own way to embodied, passionate, playful leadership.


Open to any woman willing to take the risk of living out loud. 


Planned for Autumn 2019


Seminar Park Hotel Hirschwang

2651 Reichenau an der Rax, 1h south of Vienna, Austria


Contribution: 850 €

Early booking till August 25th 2018: € 750

Social price on request!


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About Zuza:

Zuza Engler, an authorized teacher of Soul Motion®. She has been on the spiral path of kinesthetic investigation into consciousness for over two decades, in motion, stillness, and process inquiry. She is a long term student and practitioner of Buddhism, Soul Motion, and Gestalt Awareness Practice. Zuza lives in California and teaches regularly in the San Francisco Bay Area, at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, and around the world.

More about Zuza Engler: www.transformativedance.com/


Zuza about Soul Motion

Soul Motion®, originally developed by Vinn Marti, is a meeting with self and other in a dance that is profoundly nourishing, creative, intelligent, emotionally savvy, heart-breaking, soul-making, spirited, challenging, and transforming. It is a journey toward the dynamic stillness at the center of all things, the place of rest at the heart of sound and motion.This wordless inquiry of rising and falling, revolution and rotation, weight shifting and shape shifting allows both full bodied movement and mindful inner explorations.This long weekend is a wild and luminous offering of the body in motion to the sacred Presence that is continually breathing us into Being. This workshop is open to dedicated dance devotees, beginning movers, and every body willing to risk the safety of the mind for the mystery of the curious heart.


Vinn Marti, designer of Soul Motion®, about Zuza:

"I have had the great fortune to know Zuza as a teacher training partner and ambassador of Soul Motion for many years. She brings to any classroom an undeniable and salient call for students to submerge into fields of deep space and bring backto the surface their dance of creation, dissolution, and transformation." 

Venue and accommodation: 



Seminar Park Hotel Hirschwang

2651 Reichenau an der Rax 




Reichenau is 1 hour south of Vienna, easy to reach by train. Pick up service from the train station is available.