Soul Motion® - Foundations with Zuza Engler, USA

Soul Motion® Foundations: 

A 6-day Immersion Practicum of the Soul Motion® School (Short Version see below)


Foundations is for seasoned Soul Motion veterans and for those just beginning their Soul Motion path. It is a first step, and a deeper dive into the architecture and essentials that support this practice; a place to return to again and again.


Emphasis is on the foundational four Soul Motion Relational Landscapes: dance intimate (solo), dance communion (dancing with another), dance community (ensemble) and dance infinite (ritual space).


Additionally there are inquiries, structures, and points of view to further embody the Soul Motion Activity Platforms: pause presence, orbit orientation and echo inspiration.


Soul Motion®: Foundations is an entry-level 6-day requirement for all Soul Motion School programs which is based on the work and vision of Founder and Artistic Director Vinn Arjuna Martí.


This is an enrollment-based program open to all interested in the fundamentals of the work.


The workshop will be held in english!


*The Soul Motion School has changed the title of the program previously known as "The Practice".

Soul Motion "Foundations" is prerequisite for the Soul Motion® Leadership Program.

For more Informations go to About Soul Motion on this website or to Soul Motion School


Saturday June 3rd to Thursday June 8th 2017

Sat., 4pm - 7pm

Sun. - Wed., 10am - 1pm & 4pm - 7pm

Thu., 10am - 2pm



€ 550

Social price € 440

If you are coming from a low income county ask for special price!


Some dancers are not able to come to the full program so we decided to offer a short version. Anything between the short and the full version is possible. Please ask if you are interested!


Short version - Foundations Part 1:

Sat June 3 to Mon June 5, 2017

Sat, 4pm - 7pm

Sun, 10am - 1pm und 4 - 7pm

Mon, 10am - 1pm


Contribution: € 240

Social price: € 190

If you are coming from a low income county ask for special price!


Venue and accommodation: 



Seminar Park Hotel Hirschwang

2651 Reichenau an der Rax 


Reichenau is 1 hour south of Vienna, easy to reach by train. Pick up service from the train station is available.


Zuza Engler

About Zuza:

Zuza Engler, an authorized teacher of Soul Motion®. She has been on the spiral path of kinesthetic investigation into consciousness for over two decades, in motion, stillness, and process inquiry. She is a long term student and practitioner of Buddhism, Soul Motion, and Gestalt Awareness Practice. Zuza lives in California and teaches regularly in the San Francisco Bay Area, at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, and around the world.

More about Zuza Engler:


Zuza about Soul Motion

Soul Motion®, originally developed by Vinn Marti, is a meeting with self and other in a dance that is profoundly nourishing, creative, intelligent, emotionally savvy, heart-breaking, soul-making, spirited, challenging, and transforming. It is a journey toward the dynamic stillness at the center of all things, the place of rest at the heart of sound and motion.This wordless inquiry of rising and falling, revolution and rotation, weight shifting and shape shifting allows both full bodied movement and mindful inner explorations.This long weekend is a wild and luminous offering of the body in motion to the sacred Presence that is continually breathing us into Being. This workshop is open to dedicated dance devotees, beginning movers, and every body willing to risk the safety of the mind for the mystery of the curious heart.


Vinn Marti, designer of Soul Motion®, about Zuza:

"I have had the great fortune to know Zuza as a teacher training partner and ambassador of Soul Motion for many years. She brings to any classroom an undeniable and salient call for students to submerge into fields of deep space and bring backto the surface their dance of creation, dissolution, and transformation."