Move the Body Change the Brain

Integrative Movement Trauma-Therapy for 5Rhythms Teachers

Teaching Traumatherapy to Psychotherapists is part of my professional life for about 10 years now.


I am honored and thrilled to share my knowledge and my precious body of work – IBT Integrative Movement Traumatherapy – with a group of pioneers, who combine the wisdom of being a 5Rhythms teacher and a clinician.


We will cocreate a unique space of transformation and healing and start a new clinical path within our tribe.


The integrative movement traumatherapy (IBT) unites the medicine of each rhythm with active factors of modern traumatherapy. IBT is a new therapeutic and resource- and process orientated approach to release traumatic memories in mind, emotion and body.

You will gain:
- a 5 step model to release traumatic stress, access resources  and transform the memory network of the brain
- to utilize the 5Rhythms as resource and medicine for the traumatherapeutic process
- to deal with dissociation and overwhelmed clients
- to help clients to stay associated with the traumanetwork and within the window of tolerance at the same time
- theoretical basic knowledge about state of the art traumatherapy, trauma diagnostic, PTSD and comorbidity, the neurobiology of trauma a.s.o
- a holistic approach to overcome trauma


Methods: lecture, discussion, body awareness with and without music, dance, one to one sessions, group work, demonstrations, self-awareness, literature studies, peer group intervision, follow up


There will be a follow up weekend for supervision, exchange and special interests – f.e. special groups of clients.


5Rhythms Teacher Association member and licensed Psychotherapist (valid certification in the home country)



Romana Tripolt

Assistant: Sophia Käss


Thu. Oct. 10th, 2017, 7pm - Sun Oct. 15th, 2017, 2pm

Seminar Parkhotel Hirschwang |  Austria (80 km south of Vienna), 1h per train or car
Trautenberg Straße 1
2651 Reichenau an der Rax


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About Romana

Romana Tripolt
Romana Tripolt

„Through the 5Rhythms we discover our shamanic feet, feet that listen to the earth and are moved by her song. We discover our hearts in our hips, and a huge holiness in our heads and hands that reach out from our roots. We discover the spirit moving us, each of us, all of us.“ (G.Roth)

We will move our body using the map of the 5rhythms to explore ourselves: What is moving? What is moved? What is moving me? What is moving through me? These and many more questions may arise in the dance. We give form to whatever is moving through us. Conscious, reflective, focused on the dance, moving, sweating, surrendering, moving ....dancing the unique rhythms of our soul. 

A passionate dancer of the 5 Rhythms for 15 years and a certified

5 Rhythms Teacher, trained by Gabrielle Roth,

5Rhythms Movement Therapy, Andrea Juhan,

Member of the IMTA International Movement Teacher Association, Psychologist, Psychotherapist/ Psychodrama,

EMDR Europe certified Trainer and Consultant,

Brainspotting Consultant, D. Grand

Developer of Integrative Movement Traumatherapy - IBT.  



5Rhythms Workshops in Europe, Africa and India

Venue and accommodation: 



Seminar Park Hotel Hirschwang

2651 Reichenau an der Rax 


Reichenau is 1 hour south of Vienna, easy to reach by train. Pick up service from the train station is available.