Dancing out of Trauma - Workshops and Retreats

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Anais Nin


Each of us has had painful experiences. Stressful or traumatic memories block the natural flow of life. With the help of the conscious dance, we bring the stories that come from within us - body memories - back into consciousness and into the dance.

With IBT - the Integrative Moving Traumatherapy, changes are stimulated and safely accompanied. This leads to a new lightness, which always shows itself when we encounter our true being. Methods: IBT, 5Rhythms, 5Rhythms Movement Therapy, stabilization and individual work in the group.


When dancing from the trauma, joy of life and humor as well as the pain of old wounds. To lift the pain in the therapeutic process like a treasure and to transform in the dance releases strength and bound energy. Lightness and deep therapeutic work complement each other. Dance from the trauma is the practical implementation of the method IBT, the Integrative Movement Traumatism.


Romana Tripolt has developed IBT as a therapeutic tool that combines the effects of the latest traumatherapeutic methods with the vital power of conscious dance. The medicine of the 5Rhythms unites with the power of the innovative dream therapy. This offer is aimed at all people who dare to move and who want to discover their new vitality. No prerequisites, except for an initial telephone call!


"We dance to fall in love 

with the spirit in all things, 

to wipe out memory 

or transform it into moves 

that nobody else can make 

because they didn't live it." 

Gabrielle Roth, creator 5Rhythms®


In the book: Romana Tripolt, "Bewegung als Ressource in der Traumabehandlung, Praxishandbuch IBT - Integrative Bewegte Traumatherapie", Klett - Cotta, Reihe Leben Lernen 287, ISBN 978-3-608-89180-5, the method is easily explained! So far only in German!

Bewegung als Ressource in der Traumabehandlung
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Objective: To relieve the burden of past life, which makes life difficult today. 

Burden can be manifested in a variety of ways:

  • As blocking or negative thoughts and attitudes towards oneself, other people and the world, such as "always happening to me", "I am always guilty", "I am always treated badly", "I can not rejoice, What's wrong with me? "" The world is full of dangers ", and so on.
  • As mood swings, emotional outbursts or irritability followed by phases of sadness or hopelessness. Or sometimes when you feel "nothing" and have the feeling to stand next to you and only to function.
  • As physical symptoms, chronic pain or tense, frequent headache, nausea, dizziness without medical findings.
  • Conflict of relationships or frequent professional difficulties, a lack of drive or unfulfilled wishes are also a sign that the ballast of old experiences makes life difficult.

Frequently asked questions:


How do I know if I have a trauma? Do I have a trauma to benefit from "Dance from the trauma"? Do I need to remember the traumatic experience?


Trauma means, in the original sense, wound or wound. For the work in "dance from the trauma" it is not decisive how strong or in the clinical sense traumatic the injury was. The decisive factor is the individually experienced stress and the desire for change.

It is not necessary to be able to remember a certain traumatic situation or to be able to establish the connection with today's stresses. This is already part of the therapeutic work. TAT also helps with moderate stress or problems and even with trauma.


Do I need to have a dancerian experience or be particularly fit? Do I need to know the 5Rhythms? Both questions are clearly answered by no. We work with TAT with the movement qualities of the 5Rhythms, these are explained in the workshop and taught in such a way that everyone can enter immediately. It is enough to move under the guidance of music.


Basically, anyone can participate in dance from the trauma, which is stable enough to make or to be a witness of it in a group of self-responsible therapeutic processes.

Dancing out of Trauma in Austria

Dancing out of Trauma is currenlty offered in Vienna, Reichenau a.d. Rax and in Götzis/Vorarlberg.

Dancing out of Trauma in Reichenau, Autumn 2017

Friday: 15.2.2017, 18:00h to Sunday: 17.12.2017, 14:00h


Venue: Seminar Parkhotel Hirschwang, 2651 Reichenau an der Rax


Contribution: € 380, Early bird until 31.7.2017 € 360


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Dancing out of Trauma in Götzis/Vorarlberg Summer 2018

Friday: 18.5.2018, 10:00h to Sunday: 20.5.2018, 16:00h (Pfingsten)


Venue: Bildungshaus St. Arbogast, 6840 Götzis, Austria


Contribution: € 360, Early bird until 31.12.2017 € 340


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Dancing out of Trauma in Vienna, Autumn 2018

Thursday: 22.11.2018, 18:00h to Sunday: 25.11.2018, 14:00h


Venue: Fokus, Neubaugasse 44, 1070 Wien


Contribution: € 380, Early bird until 31.7.2018 € 360


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Dancing out of Trauma in Berlin

Planned for 2019