Das Soulrhythms Teacher Team

Romana Tripolt

Romana is 5Rhythms Teacher trained by Gabrielle Roth. As Psychotherapist she is  offering trainings and workshops where she introduces movement as a resource and a medium in trauma therapy. 


Martin Steixner

Martin is Soul Motion Teacher, trained by Vinn Arjuna Marti, Michael Skelton and Zuza Engler.

As naturopath and bodyworker he is offering workshops and intensives where he combines dance with bodywork and holistic approaches. 

Thierry Francois

Thierry is 5Rhythms Teacher originally from Paris now living in Zagreb. He is offering weekly classes in Zagreb, workshops in several different cities in France, in Croatia and Dubai.

Thierry is part of the team since 2011. He is leading Soulrhythms Saturdays and Sweat Your Prayers and, together with Martin, Men´s Journey


To Thierry Francois website: www.thierryfrancois.net

Peter Fejer

Peter is 5Rhythms Teacher from Budapest. He is offering weekly classes in Budapest, workshops in several different cities in Hungary, Serbia and Austria.

Peter is part of the team since 2011. He is leading Soulrhythms Saturdays and Sweat Your Prayers


To Peter Fejers website: https://ritmusok.wordpress.com/peter-fejer/

Stefania Kregel

Organizing, leading and teaching workshops, classes, festivals, and projects in the field of contemporary and conscious dance in Austria, Bosnia&Herzegowina, Slovenia and Italy since 2005.

She is producing and teaching 5 Rhythms® at JAGATI in Graz 


Stefania is leading Soulrhythms Saturdays and Sweat Your Prayers

Daniela Pall

Certified 5Rhythms teacher since 2016.

Dancing 5Rhythms planted a seed in her life which became a plant, a life tree. Gabrielle Roth´s map helped her to create this bridge from her body to her heart to her mind and to her soul. 

She loves to share this practice with other dancing feet around the world to live the presence of the moment in life with all its aspects.

Daniela is leading Soulrhythms Saturdays and Sweat Your Prayers

Raduca Vojackova

5Rhythms Teacher from Prague, teaching since 2008.

Certified Open Floor Teacher since 2015

Working member of ICMTA (International Conscious Movement Teachers Association) 


Raducais leading Soulrhythms Saturdays and Sweat Your Prayers since 2011.

Chris Champ

Since early childhood Chris has been interested in how we humans function. Over the years his interest spread out into bodywork, psychotherapy, movement and creative arts. From Shiatsu to Gestalt, Improv theater, Voice Dialogue, traumatherapy and many more. His deepest love however is for the 5 Rhythms. Once you start to put your body into motion, you open the gateways to magic. Chris will guide you with amazing music deep into your journey of transformation. Chris is leading Soulrhythms Saturdays and Sweat Your Prayers


More about Chris: www.movementforlife.be

Weitere Lehrer:innen im Soulrhythms Team

Michael Molin-Skelton

Michael is faculty member of the Soul Motion School a few years ago.

Starting with 5Rhythms in the 90´2 he is teaching Conscious Dance and movement since 25 years. Michael lives in the USA and is teaching international.


“Dance is not something I do, it is simply who I am.”


We are honored to host a Soul Motion Workshop with Michael every second year.


To Michaels website: www.sineceramovement.com

Claudia C. Pichl

Claudia has been the first 5Rhythms Teacher in Austria. 

Doing her training with Gabrielle Roth in the 90´s, she followed Andrea Juhan for many years and became Open Floor teacher in 2013. Besides her profession as Conscious Dance Teacher Claudia is leading Wilderness Workshops and Trainings and is working as "IBP Lebens- und Sozialberaterin".


To Claudia website: www.5rhythmen.at

Joanna Hussakowsa

Graduated from Lodz Film School in 1985 and has twenty years’ experience as an actress in theatre, film, and television.

Fascinated by 5Rhtythms, she completed her training at Waves level in 2012 ago and Heartbeat level in 2016. Joanna teaches with passion and insight, inspiring and inspired to follow the endless change of energies and to say a loud embodied.


Soulrhythms Saturdays and Sweat Your Prayers