What is Soul Motion™

Soul Motion™ is a Conscious Dance Practice, developed in the 90´s by the artist Vinn Arjuna Marti at Esalen Institute, California.

Elements of Soul Motion™


In a Soul Motion™ class, the dancer moves through four relational landscapes, using three core movement platforms.


The Four Relational Landscapes


Dance Intimate…. we move alone

Dance Communion… we move with one other

Dance Community… we move with everyone

Dance Infinity… we move our practice to the everyday life



The Three Core Platforms:


Pause Presence, a meditative relaxation practice that allows the dancer to slow down, align, and recharge.


Orbit Orientation, the dancer is encouraged to consciously move in all directions with equal attention and without preference.


Echo Inspiration, dancers are guided to use each other’s movements to inform and inspire them.

The International Soul Motion School

To the Soul Motion Website: http://soulmotion.com

About the international Soul Motion Training
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